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Welcome to John Murray Plumbing

John Murray Plumbing is proud to offer you our highly skilled workforce of Plumbers and office support staff. We are here to answer your questions and help you with any and all of your Santa Clarita plumbing and septic needs.

Our Santa Clarita Plumbers are specialists in specific areas such as water systems, remodeling, backflow services, sewer systems, repipes and reroutes. We also specialize in septic systems, septic pumping and septic certification.

That’s why you can depend on John Murray Plumbing for all your commercial or residential plumbing needs. Our Santa Clarita Plumbers can do all jobs big and small so no matter what the job give us a call.  Here at John Murray Plumbing we care about getting the job done right! That’s why our plumbers will always go the extra mile!

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Plumbing Repairs & Service

We employ 10 uniformed plumbers that are here to help with all your plumbing needs. They are skilled professionals that are trained to work with state-of-the-art equipment. Our plumbers are able to locate, camera and repair underground problems whether it is a sewer or water line problem. Our Santa Clarita plumbers can fix any of your plumbing problems from a simple clog to replacing a water heater.

Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing

John Murray Plumbing is here to help with your kitchen and bathroom plumbing remodels which includes removal and replacement of tubs, showers, lavatory sinks, kitchen sinks, toilets and much more. We specialize in kitchen & bathroom plumbing remodels including relocation of water lines, drain lines and gas lines to accommodate your needs.

Leak Detections

John Murray Plumbing has skilled plumbers using state of the art electronic equipment to locate slab leaks underground. We can camera a drain line or sewer line to view problem areas such as breaks, or low points commonly referred to as “belly’s” in the lines. The plumber then determines the best solution to repair or reroute the lines. We use Rigid camera equipment to locate sewer lines and septic systems as well. A flash drive copy of the video can be left with the customer upon request.

Septic System Services

We provide septic locating, pumping and certification services. After your septic tank has been serviced John Murray Plumbing will follow up with a report and schematic of where your system is located on your property for your records. If a new septic system is needed John Murray will come to your home to identify what size tank and septic system will best suit your home. A proposal is then sent to you for your consideration. If you decide to have us do the work a contract will be drawn up based upon the proposal.

Backflow Services

John Murray Plumbing provide backflow service, replacement, and certification for water company and health department requirements. Michael Murray and Miguel Vera are our backflow specialists. They are trained and certified through the University of Southern California, in the area of cross-connection control and hydraulic research. This includes backflow devices for potable water systems and restaurant equipment.

Hydro Excavation

John Murray Plumbing also offers hydro excavating. We contact Underground Service Alert to locate all utilities in the area prior to excavation. It’s not uncommon for gas, electrical and other utilities to be in the same area as your water, sewer and septic systems. This won’t stop us from completing your job. Hydro excavating is a great option when working around utilities. Our equipment has the power and functionality to work safely around these utilities.   

Underground/Sewer Services

We own our own plumbing equipment including a backhoe, excavators & haulers needed to repair underground plumbing related problems. For commercial or residential customers, we can replace and repair sewer lines, water lines, leach lines and septic tanks. John Murray Plumbing can replace gas lines and are certified in polyethylene heat fused underground gas line installations. John Murray II has been certified in trench shoring procedures.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting washes the contaminants, leaving you with a clean pipe which can then be inspected using our high-tech video equipment. The Hydro Jetter propels high pressured water into your drain or sewer line effectively scrubbing the full diameter of the pipe. It removes heavy roots, grease, mud, sand, and build up out of your drains and septic leach fields. We have different nozzles and attachments, allowing us to control the cleaning process and cut through the toughest blockages.

HOA Plumbing Services

John Murray Plumbing is the #1 choice for many HOAs in the Santa Clarita Valley area. We offer ongoing maintenance contracts, 24/7 emergency services, backflow, drain and main line maintenance and upgrades.

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